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Its Gary's Time / Re-Entry Assistance

Its Garys Time Inc
Non Profit 501 (c) 3 Public Charity
All Services are FREE OF CHARGE
2600 W 93rd Ave,
Lake County Community Corrections Bldg,
Crown Point IN 46307
Article III - Purpose Section 3.01-The purpose of the Corporation shall be the revitalization of the community of Gary IN and beyond one life at a time by helping Re-Entry residents to learn to be accountable to God, themselves and another human being. To reach this end we will offer employment, tools, faith based accountability partners, job skills, certifications, mentoring and life skills training to re-entry and at risk individuals. We will assist with “first step” housing where they can learn to overcome barriers so they can become productive members of society.

  • UNLESS we are involved in unified, positive dialogue, followed by positive action and more importantly positive reinforcement in the mindset of those with substance abuse / mental illness challenges and in the process of Re-Entry we will be impacted by the negative consequences as a result of our complacency. The former we can choose, with complacency, we risk loosing that choice
  • Our end in mind is to reduce the high cost of Recidivism incurred by incarceration, but more importantly on families and communities
Together we Stand ~ Divided we Fall

Thank you,
Roger Hayward, Founder

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@ItsGarysTime Jun 25, 01:34

This never ceases to amaze me, thank you Lord

@ItsGarysTime Jun 24, 17:28

Stomping out Stigma and cleaning up in Aetna 13th & Greene PL, shout out to Brenda Harris for organizing this...

@ItsGarysTime Jun 24, 13:50

Good morning family looking for some prayer for a safe day. Heading over to pick up my mentees from the Lake...

@ItsGarysTime Jun 24, 07:00

So I was good to myself and made myself feel good, instead of taking a clean dish I washed one....... half-measures availed me nothing

@ItsGarysTime Jun 24, 03:15

I am not sure about everything, but I'm sure about that

@ItsGarysTime Jun 23, 16:10

God is so good...... I just got the contract back from the Delta Institute and Steel City Salvage! Praise...

@ItsGarysTime Jun 23, 14:35

Do not identify your worth by your job or job title, if you need a barometer consider your attitude while performing it

@ItsGarysTime Jun 23, 06:41

So many of the dem reps are so old that when one member holler'd what about the G7 Summit eight of them yelled bingo

@ItsGarysTime Jun 22, 15:19

And now I have a washer and dryer so I just play out on the porch

@ItsGarysTime Jun 21, 02:48

Fearlessness in and of itself is an amazing trait. The challenge is when we confuse fearlessness with...

@ItsGarysTime Jun 21, 01:11

Do you care as much as an Elephant? Instinct? I think so, what happened to ours? Notice the one in the rear...

@ItsGarysTime Jun 20, 21:07

First of all, let me share a speedy recovery for these innocent children, may God heal them and their families....

@ItsGarysTime Jun 19, 18:38

We can be a Father to whom ever we choose, DNA not required

@ItsGarysTime Jun 19, 18:16

To loose a battle is to gain experience should you choose to pay attention

@ItsGarysTime Jun 19, 15:40

Three years later and our guy is still in the community, taking care of his family. Typically recidivism (going...

@ItsGarysTime Jun 18, 15:21

Good morning, although MS has had some challenges, to the best of my knowledge he has not re-offended, pray for...

@ItsGarysTime Jun 13, 19:41

Almost a quarter of a million dollars worth of champagne downed after the game last night wow

@ItsGarysTime Jun 12, 21:55

My first Graduation at LCCC for the men

@ItsGarysTime Jun 11, 17:05

A job will not change your life, in life your job will change, change your mind and be free

@ItsGarysTime Jun 11, 16:31

If you can not yet call it God, then have Faith and believe in Love, but remember Faith without works is not...

@ItsGarysTime Jun 11, 14:43

Shout out to Jim Musial, Toni Mandeville , N.O.V.A., LaPort County Drug Free Partnership, Road to Life Church...

@ItsGarysTime Jun 11, 14:02

Really like when I take the time to drive this, not to often though, Sam likes it too

@ItsGarysTime Jun 10, 01:54

Either M.O.V.E. or stand still.....

@ItsGarysTime Jun 09, 19:35

Thro back Thursday on Friday

@ItsGarysTime Jun 09, 15:51

So whatever comes before Him in thought and deed can ruin your relationship with Him, do not stray far from His...

@ItsGarysTime Jun 08, 22:44

WWE Star Greg "The Body Slammer" Gioforte to enter a plea

@ItsGarysTime Jun 08, 07:41

So I got a flat tire and I didn't feel any pressure to change as a matter of fact I could have cared less if it...

@ItsGarysTime Jun 08, 03:04

Leading the little ones til their ready....

@ItsGarysTime Jun 07, 15:58

Good morning Lord be with me today Father that I might do the next right thing, and when that thing is done that...

@ItsGarysTime Jun 07, 02:20

Okay Jesus what do you want?

One community, one life at a time, to provide tools to freedom instead of bars to incarceration

Roger Hayward, Founder / 219-775-6898


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