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Its Gary's Time / Re-Entry Assistance

Its Garys Time Inc
Non Profit 501 (c) 3 Public Charity
All Services are FREE OF CHARGE
2600 W 93rd Ave,
Lake County Community Corrections Bldg,
Crown Point IN 46307
Article III - Purpose Section 3.01-The purpose of the Corporation shall be the revitalization of the community of Gary IN and beyond one life at a time by helping Re-Entry residents to learn to be accountable to God, themselves and another human being. To reach this end we will offer employment, tools, faith based accountability partners, job skills, certifications, mentoring and life skills training to re-entry and at risk individuals. We will assist with “first step” housing where they can learn to overcome barriers so they can become productive members of society.

  • UNLESS we are involved in unified, positive dialogue, followed by positive action and more importantly positive reinforcement in the mindset of those with substance abuse / mental illness challenges and in the process of Re-Entry we will be impacted by the negative consequences as a result of our complacency. The former we can choose, with complacency, we risk loosing that choice
  • Our end in mind is to reduce the high cost of Recidivism incurred by incarceration, but more importantly on families and communities
Together we Stand ~ Divided we Fall

Thank you,
Roger Hayward, Founder

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@ItsGarysTime Aug 22, 04:30

Well it's official, got the call, I have been selected to attend the CRS....Certified Recovery Specialist...

@ItsGarysTime Aug 21, 18:46

When the moon is in the Seventh House And Jupiter aligns with Mars Then peace will guide the planets And love...

@ItsGarysTime Aug 21, 07:04

we were not born to behave the way we do, who taught you different looking was a bad thing? now wake up before...

@ItsGarysTime Aug 21, 03:58

Have you never been mellow have you never tried to find a comfort from inside

@ItsGarysTime Aug 21, 03:36

Ventura highway in the sunshine where the days are longer then moonshine

@ItsGarysTime Aug 20, 21:08

RIP Jerry Lewis.....

@ItsGarysTime Aug 20, 04:21

Part 2....Today at Shelby NONUH with some really crazy guitar dude on the last song...... oh thats me, crazy for...

@ItsGarysTime Aug 20, 04:16

Part 1....Today at Shelby Part 1 NONUH with the Angelic Katrina Sites, Dale "Stix" Haddix, Linda "Base Momma"...

@ItsGarysTime Aug 19, 17:28

You know I may not be a rocket scientist, but God has granted me the serenity to accept the things I cannot...

@ItsGarysTime Aug 19, 13:18

Morning men's group good morning men. Headed out to lead a few men in some worship music and then get beat up a...

@ItsGarysTime Aug 18, 20:50

Shout out to the new a team Jesse Barnes and Brandon these fellas save the day today. When a man gives up his day...

@ItsGarysTime Aug 18, 03:38

La da da da, its alright now....can't please everyone

@ItsGarysTime Aug 17, 15:08

A lot of schools are back in session now, please give yourself a few extra minutes to get where your going. Maybe...

@ItsGarysTime Aug 17, 05:35

The struggle was real, continued rest in peace Elvis

@ItsGarysTime Aug 17, 04:34

Take a break listen, and sing with me will ya? <3

@ItsGarysTime Aug 17, 04:29

What an amazing day, we were on 50th and Massachusetts doing a job and experienced nothing but love from the...

@ItsGarysTime Aug 17, 02:05

Did Donald even lie about the size of his........winery?

@ItsGarysTime Aug 16, 19:13

Shout out to Jerome Prince, your a good man! So Gary resident reaches out to Jerome in distress, unable to make...

@ItsGarysTime Aug 14, 06:08

If I feel and believe that one is superior to me it will be that way. When I look at myself as equal to anyone it...

@ItsGarysTime Aug 14, 05:52

Talk division and you will be, speak unity and this to can be. We spend little time in speaking of similarities,...

@ItsGarysTime Aug 13, 16:04

so i'm like 103 years old and STILL don't know enough to keep my mouth shut..... YIKES! ;)

@ItsGarysTime Aug 13, 01:39


@ItsGarysTime Aug 13, 01:30

@realdonaldtrump told you what was going to happen now a 32 yr old mom daughter sister friend lost a memory get the guards there RIGHT NOW!

@ItsGarysTime Aug 13, 01:25

@realdonaldtrump.....too late you goof, I told you what was going to happen, now a 32 yr old mom, daughter,...

@ItsGarysTime Aug 12, 20:27

@realdonaldtrump c'mon man off twitter do you darn job bring in the Guards and shut down this crap in VA before someone gets killed darn it

@ItsGarysTime Aug 12, 20:19

@therealdonaldtrump lets go man put your clubs down get off twitter and do you darn job.....bring in the Guards...

@ItsGarysTime Aug 12, 16:37

James 3:17

@ItsGarysTime Aug 12, 13:15

Morning men's group book of James leading some worship music, not a bad start for a day for a sinner like...

@ItsGarysTime Aug 11, 18:14

If a group of robbers wanted to elect a leader, would they elect a policeman? - Sam Adeyemi

@ItsGarysTime Aug 11, 04:28

Is anybody else a lip reader on here oh my

One community, one life at a time, to provide tools to freedom instead of bars to incarceration

Roger Hayward, Founder / 219-775-6898


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