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Its Gary's Time / Re-Entry Assistance

Its Garys Time Inc
Non Profit 501 (c) 3 Public Charity
All Services are FREE OF CHARGE
2600 W 93rd Ave,
Lake County Community Corrections Bldg,
Crown Point IN 46307
Article III - Purpose Section 3.01-The purpose of the Corporation shall be the revitalization of the community of Gary IN and beyond one life at a time by helping Re-Entry residents to learn to be accountable to God, themselves and another human being. To reach this end we will offer employment, tools, faith based accountability partners, job skills, certifications, mentoring and life skills training to re-entry and at risk individuals. We will assist with “first step” housing where they can learn to overcome barriers so they can become productive members of society.

  • UNLESS we are involved in unified, positive dialogue, followed by positive action and more importantly positive reinforcement in the mindset of those with substance abuse / mental illness challenges and in the process of Re-Entry we will be impacted by the negative consequences as a result of our complacency. The former we can choose, with complacency, we risk loosing that choice
  • Our end in mind is to reduce the high cost of Recidivism incurred by incarceration, but more importantly on families and communities
Together we Stand ~ Divided we Fall

Thank you,
Roger Hayward, Founder

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@ItsGarysTime May 24, 07:38

C.mon prayer warriors my guy needs you more then ever right now OK? I have been working with a Brother his mom...

@ItsGarysTime May 24, 06:55

Its getting real folks and summer is not even here yet! Sad news is there are opportunities we can create to help...

@ItsGarysTime May 22, 06:51

Q: What will keep you engaged in a positive direction for your life and the lives of those you support? A: Your...

@ItsGarysTime May 21, 19:35

So just shut up! There I said it shut up! Shut uppa u face! If what you got to say you are saying in anger or if...

@ItsGarysTime May 20, 16:27

Just so

@ItsGarysTime May 20, 12:47

Mens group c'mon 2 Corinthians 8

@ItsGarysTime May 20, 00:32

Are you serious you mean to tell me that we let this guy go on at 10 or 11 day European Vacation and now all the...

@ItsGarysTime May 19, 16:37

Change my heart O Lord make it ever new change my heart O Lord may it be like you, you are the Potter I Am The Clay mold me show me the way

@ItsGarysTime May 19, 05:42

Death by hanging, suicide is final, wish we knew your struggle.....there are signs we must pay attention....... RIP Criss

@ItsGarysTime May 19, 04:53

Yes or no...... Why or why not....... Go........ (Thanks Kyle)

@ItsGarysTime May 17, 05:31

Carlos Curbelo, a Republican from Fla., I like this guy, he's making sense. Let me call out any Republican, what...

@ItsGarysTime May 16, 19:05

To provide some opportunity for at least one other than yourself is better than providing nothing for nobody. If...

@ItsGarysTime May 16, 01:25

Times up.......

@ItsGarysTime May 14, 17:49

Quit Putting on the Ritz just respect and love your mother that's all she wants

@ItsGarysTime May 14, 03:19

This felt good, lookin good Billy

@ItsGarysTime May 13, 16:33

Mike Kunch, (and others) I sense that I may cause you to stumble with my rants about our leadership, this is not...

@ItsGarysTime May 12, 20:56

PaPa Putin: get rid of Cormey...... but Daddy they could impeach me for that.. and and and there might be some...

@ItsGarysTime May 12, 14:32

Miss you mom

@ItsGarysTime May 11, 17:16

Proverbs 27:9..... Thanks Jason Hastings (y)

@ItsGarysTime May 10, 17:57

This us a good day in the life of Veterans in Re-entry, thank you Judge Cantrell, thanks Jake Otto for the invite

@ItsGarysTime May 10, 06:24

Sooooo now Comey will have to fly the friendly skies of United to get back from LA.... Oh and clean out your desk...

@ItsGarysTime May 10, 04:31

Always.... Kyle Sparrow, Katrina Sites on lead vocals, and piano (Kyle), Dale Haddix "stix" on drums, wife Linda...

@ItsGarysTime May 09, 07:48

My little corner of the universe was rocked with sadness this evening when my friend Mike Browns name came out in...

@ItsGarysTime May 08, 17:15

Do not "play along"..... Do not play in the yard of the evil doer, he does not care about you, he will say "here...

@ItsGarysTime May 08, 16:42

If you don't you won't, if you want to and you can, you should. Free yourself from the bondage created in your...

@ItsGarysTime May 08, 15:04

And then there was this guy........... Last I heard he is still doing ok, God is good

@ItsGarysTime May 08, 03:35

Non believers, if they care should try and understand at least this one thing....... Christians are not...

@ItsGarysTime May 07, 21:39

Hey family, prayers for Amy and her girls please. Amy's mission to deliver 1 copy of her book " A Glimpse of...

@ItsGarysTime May 07, 14:50

Thanks Tom Rathe <3, Alan Gansenberg

@ItsGarysTime May 06, 18:03

Anyone interested in helping please reach me, I have not been able to get this project back on track, thank you

One community, one life at a time, to provide tools to freedom instead of bars to incarceration

Roger Hayward, Founder / 219-775-6898


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