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Its Gary's Time / Re-Entry Assistance

Its Garys Time Inc
Non Profit 501 (c) 3 Public Charity
All Services are FREE OF CHARGE
2600 W 93rd Ave,
Lake County Community Corrections Bldg,
Crown Point IN 46307
Article III - Purpose Section 3.01-The purpose of the Corporation shall be the revitalization of the community of Gary IN and beyond one life at a time by helping Re-Entry residents to learn to be accountable to God, themselves and another human being. To reach this end we will offer employment, tools, faith based accountability partners, job skills, certifications, mentoring and life skills training to re-entry and at risk individuals. We will assist with “first step” housing where they can learn to overcome barriers so they can become productive members of society.

  • UNLESS we are involved in unified, positive dialogue, followed by positive action and more importantly positive reinforcement in the mindset of those with substance abuse / mental illness challenges and in the process of Re-Entry we will be impacted by the negative consequences as a result of our complacency. The former we can choose, with complacency, we risk loosing that choice
  • Our end in mind is to reduce the high cost of Recidivism incurred by incarceration, but more importantly on families and communities
Together we Stand ~ Divided we Fall

Thank you,
Roger Hayward, Founder

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@ItsGarysTime Jul 24, 18:14

Everybody has a plan...... till they get punched in the face - Mike Tyson What does your plan look like? Wheres...

@ItsGarysTime Jul 24, 04:12

A chapter closes..... but a new season starts. Only gratitude to LCCC, especially Exec Dir Kellie Gant-Bittorf,...

@ItsGarysTime Jul 24, 01:20

FB......the release......YOU HEAR ME??? All caps there RELEASE I SAY...... hehe

@ItsGarysTime Jul 23, 09:14

Uh huh

@ItsGarysTime Jul 23, 03:30

So the headline reads "from Spicer's resignation to Simpson's parole here's what you missed". Well sorry fella or...

@ItsGarysTime Jul 22, 13:00

Morning men's group let's get it fellas Romans 5:19

@ItsGarysTime Jul 22, 04:31

All I did was believed that He can and would, so He did and does

@ItsGarysTime Jul 22, 03:58

Start by changing your mind about the little things that you do that you know are wrong you know what they are....

@ItsGarysTime Jul 21, 14:56

7 years ago, my first official gathering, my goal was to help re-entry residents and community folks understand...

@ItsGarysTime Jul 20, 20:51

I don't like the demeanor of the bald head guy on the right I don't know what it is

@ItsGarysTime Jul 20, 20:10

OJ will be freed

@ItsGarysTime Jul 20, 15:50

Thanks again Dorita P. Lingvay , been wanting to do it again sometime bless you and your church family

@ItsGarysTime Jul 20, 05:22

The addiction to social media and the use of devices with a growing population combining the two while driving is...

@ItsGarysTime Jul 20, 04:32

So when a fly lands on your food it pukes bon appetit :)

@ItsGarysTime Jul 19, 22:02

So I grabbed me a can of gluten off the shelf going to have Mia gluten sandwich on White Bread

@ItsGarysTime Jul 19, 04:07

Make living affordable....... Reduce crime......

@ItsGarysTime Jul 19, 00:58

Wat-Woah.....McGregor gets knocked out by sparring partner....... Yikes....

@ItsGarysTime Jul 18, 18:52

Here ya go hava listen

@ItsGarysTime Jul 18, 18:52

Here ya go hava listen

@ItsGarysTime Jul 17, 15:30

Senator Mike Crider, Senator Jim Merritt, Senator Eddie Melton where are you on this? Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA)

@ItsGarysTime Jul 17, 14:46

God is good!

@ItsGarysTime Jul 16, 02:31

This Gowknawski (spelling) hits like a truck...... Resembles Foreman

@ItsGarysTime Jul 15, 12:53

Morning men's group let's go

@ItsGarysTime Jul 15, 05:20 night :)

@ItsGarysTime Jul 14, 18:52

When I Surrender to outcomes absent of my agenda and without expectation I am much freer

@ItsGarysTime Jul 14, 12:19

Good morning family I'm about to eat this day for breakfast now Get on Up get out there and make a difference in...

@ItsGarysTime Jul 13, 15:51

I should allow conviction to win over my flesh because in the end I will bow down anyway, there is no need for me to carry it until then

@ItsGarysTime Jul 13, 03:09

Good evening, as a Board member at Brothers Keepers a shelter for indigent men in Gary, I have called a special...

@ItsGarysTime Jul 13, 01:32

Folks consider signing up for this free Webinar. Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death for young adults age...

One community, one life at a time, to provide tools to freedom instead of bars to incarceration

Roger Hayward, Founder / 219-775-6898


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